The Context Assessment Toolkit (‘CA Toolkit’) bundle includes tools and resources that can help improve the success of practice changes in health care by helping project implementers and facility leaders better understand the health care facility contexts in which they are implementing activities to improve quality of care. The Context Assessment Toolkit itself focuses on aspects of the facility that can affect implementation of a practice change, rather than a facility’s ability to provide care.


  • In addition to an implementation guide, the toolkit includes four distinct tools that are meant to be used with health facility staff: Pre-Implementation Survey; Progress Survey; Context Conversation Guides; and an Implementation Pulse Check. 
  • This bundle of resources also includes additional implementation resources, such as orientation slide decks, translation resources, and results interpretation guides. 
  • Adaptations made based on the information gained from the toolkit should make the change in practice more likely to be successful. As a result, the time and energy facility staff will spend would be more likely to pay off.

How to Use

If you are interested in using the CA Toolkit, please reach out to MOMENTUM Knowledge Accelerator for more information.

For MOMENTUM awards interested in using the CA Toolkit, please reach out to MAKLab at or by submitting a request on the HUB. MAKLab can support teams in implementing the CA Toolkit, and MAKLab services, including staff time and some additional costs, are available at no cost to MOMENTUM awards.