Content Submissions

Share MNH-related upcoming events and key moments. We are also seeking your content submissions to be featured across the AlignMNH Knowledge Hub. Help us drive the conversation around maternal and newborn health and contribute to current and future knowledge-sharing.

Types of content for submission:

Upcoming Events and Key Moments

In an effort to ensure this resource is community -led, -driven and -informed, we’re asking you to submit upcoming MNH-related content:

  • Events and conferences
  • Webinars
  • Advocacy days
  • Technical resources (reports, guidelines, toolkits, etc.)

After submitting, your entry will be added automatically.

Blog ideas

  • Share ideas on the impact of your work, the latest evidence, interventions, data, and more to be featured on the AlignMNH blog


  • Share videos and multimedia efforts to illustrate technical concepts
  • Amplify key voices by submitting storytelling pieces or spotlights to be featured on the AlignMNH blog or social media

Technical content

  • Contribute to, and curate content around priority MNH topics to be added to the AlignMNH Issues Collections by sharing:
    • Key and emerging evidence 
    • Global recommendations and guidance 
    • Program learnings and country experiences
    • Implementation resources and tools
    • Investment cases and advocacy materials
  • Additional learning and discussion (commentaries, editorials, COPs)
  • Submit a resource to be added to the AlignMNH Resource Library that highlights the latest evidence