AlignMNH is a global initiative founded in 2020 to accelerate progress in improving maternal and newborn health (MNH) and preventing stillbirths around the globe. 

Unacceptably high levels of preventable maternal, newborn, and stillbirth deaths remain, with progress moving too slow to meet the global goals. We aim to address this by collaborating with country, regional, and global partners to rapidly share science, evidence, promising innovations, and programmatic experience to align around common priorities, measurement, and action.  

The 2023 International Maternal Newborn Health Conference (IMNHC), organized by AlignMNH and its International Steering Committee, in partnership with 29 country governments and hundreds of partners, marked a key moment, igniting momentum, action, and a broader movement. With over 1,800 stakeholders from 95 countries in attendance, the conference addressed the state of MNH globally, progress toward global goals, and exchanged evidence and promising innovations to accelerate progress. The first ever Joint Progress Report, launched at the conference, noted a staggering estimated 4.5 million combined maternal, newborn, and stillbirth deaths worldwide, with global progress in reducing these deaths slowing in the last decade. As we look forward, urgent, collective action is needed with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) looming. 

Deliberations during the gathering led to the articulation of policy and program priorities from multiple countries, fostering increased accountability among governments and policymakers, and informing domestic and donor investments. By offering future opportunities and a platform for building connections and collaborations, while harnessing the power of possibility within the broader ecosystem, we believe we will achieve progress.  

AlignMNH helps to create a unified vision and a collective sense of movement in the MNH community. We do this by:

  • Activating and strengthening connections across the whole ecosystem, breaking down silos, and aligning towards a shared set of goals, grounded in country priorities.
  • Creating energy and motivation across communities.
  • Providing offerings that bring together diverse stakeholders to address the challenges of complexity.
  • Influencing change by building coalitions across research, advocacy, private sector, media, financing, and policy communities, supported by the voices of people with lived experience.
  • Supporting and amplifying leaders and champions

Global Leadership

AlignMNH is guided by an International Steering Committee of 19 global thought leaders who provide strategic direction and oversight to the overall initiative. The Members have direct, practical, and in-depth country experience, and represent countries and communities from around the world. 

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