Dive Deeper into the Issues

The maternal and newborn health community is challenged by information overload and a lack of availability of clear, succinct, evidence-based information available to them in one place.  The following pages highlight key information and resources related to critical MNH topics.

MNH Metrics & Measurement

Measuring progress towards global MNH targets is only possible when countries are able to reliably count all maternal and newborn deaths and stillbirths and track additional EPMM and ENAP targets. However, in many settings, measurement systems are not able to reliably capture and generate data needed to monitor global MNH targets. Discover resources that may be useful for maternal and newborn health stakeholders, including policy-makers, program managers, advocates, researchers, public health practitioners and others to learn more about measurement for MNH. Learn more about MNH Metrics & Measurement. Learn more about MNH Metrics & Measurement.

Quality of Care

Explore resources related to provision of care, experience of care, and respectful care. This collection addresses the quality of MNH care broadly and overall, and it focuses on key and emerging evidence, experience, and guidance related to communication, women’s experience of care, respect, preservation of dignity, and the need for emotional support. Learn more about quality of care.

Postpartum Hemorrhage

Discover key resources to help prevent, detect, and manage postpartum hemorrhage (PPH), the leading cause of maternal mortality globally. This collection of resources includes key and emerging evidence on PPH, global recommendations and guidelines, and implementation tools and resources to improve PPH prevention and treatment. Learn more about postpartum hemorrhage.


Discover key evidence on the global burden of stillbirth, resources related to ending preventable stillbirth, global recommendations and guidance on ending preventable stillbirth, country experiences, and implementation resources and tools to support country implementation. Includes linked materials on respectful care, quality of care, and maternal and perinatal death surveillance and response. Learn more about stillbirth.

Maternal Mental Health

Discover resources related to the prevalence of common perinatal mental disorders (CMPDs), implementation approaches, strategies for integration into healthcare services, country experiences, and advocacy materials for women and families coping with mental health conditions. Learn more about maternal mental health.

Mother-Baby Dyad & Continuum of Care

When women and newborns receive high quality care during pregnancy, at the time of birth, and in the early postnatal period, women stay healthy and babies get the best start in life. Supporting integrated packages of essential, proven interventions for women and newborns – delivered at a time and place that is feasible and acceptable – saves lives.  Learn More about the Mother-Baby Dyad. 

Small & Sick Newborns

Newborns who are born too early, too small, or who become sick in the first few weeks of life, are extremely vulnerable to long-term disability or death. Learn more and find recommendations on interventions to improve preterm birth outcomes, standards for caring for small and sick newborns, as well as the latest evidence and reflections on the use of antenatal corticosteroids for accelerating fetal lung maturation for women at risk of preterm birth in different settings. Learn More about small and sick newborns.


COVID-19 resulted in service interruptions, lockdowns, and economic hardship that exacerbated the existing challenges that many families face in accessing quality, timely MNH care. Learn more and find resources about essential MNH care in the COVID-19 context, including resources on emerging experience and response, targets and measurement for COVID-19, job aids, and guidance for COVID-19 across the continuum of care.  Learn More about MNH and COVID-19.