AlignMNH aims to rapidly share science, evidence and programmatic experience across the maternal and newborn health communities. The Resource Library provides a centralized location for sharing the most up-to-date best practices, guidelines, technical advocacy tools, and other relevant resources to inform global maternal and newborn health programming.

Dive into the Issues Collections. Each collection highlights key information and resources related to critical MNH topics. 

Check out the maternal and newborn health-focused communities of practice (CoPs) to share, debate and discuss knowledge, evidence, and experiences.

Access what’s happening in the maternal and newborn health world, including advocacy moments; events, conferences and webinars; and publication of new reports, guidelines and metrics. 

AlignMNH Masterclass is a video series that shares educational, inspirational, novel and/or groundbreaking evidence-based data, ideas, findings, and outcomes from reports, publications, studies, clinical trials, or initiatives centered on maternal and newborn health.