This assessment aims to establish service availability and readiness for maternal immunization at health facilities providing antenatal care (ANC) services. The findings will be used to enable the country to improve current and prepare for future maternal immunization services.


  • The assessment may be initiated at national, county, sub-county, or health facility level to gather information for planning and consequent management of available resources to maximize on outputs.
  • The exercise involves a walk-through of the facility, interview with clinic staff, direct observation of clinical practices, and review of the availability and use of equipment and supplies for service delivery.
  • At the end of the assessment, the assessors will hold a debrief session with the facility team on findings and actionable items. An action plan to drive improvement will be drawn with the facility and the sub-county team for follow-up and support.

How to Use

This Health Facility Readiness Assessment Tool has been made to be adapted for other contexts.