Provision of Care

WHO’s framework for improving quality of care for women and newborns around the time of childbirth encompasses the provision and experience of care and key health system functions necessary to achieve quality health care. This set of resources is related to provision of care and addresses the quality of MNH care broadly and overall. It also focuses on evidence-based practices for routine care and management of complications.

This page includes a curated list of select resources presenting key evidence on quality of care during labor and birth, the impact of poor quality MNH care, the effectiveness of strategies to improve quality of care, and a report on progress – with additional resources to be added on an ongoing basis.

For recent WHO guidance on provision of high quality MNH care across the continuum of care, outlining best clinical practices and incorporating the principles of experience of care and respectful care, please see this set of curated resources.

Share your evidence, resources, stories, and ideas! AlignMNH is still building and learning. Let us know if you have an item to feature on our quality of care country experiences page.

This page suggests select tools, resources, and packages to support country implementation of key quality of care approaches.

This section is under development. It will include select materials to help country stakeholders make the case for investing in strategies to improve the provision of evidence based MNH care.

This section offers information related to additional partners, forums, or resources for continued learning and discussion about the provision of person-centered and respectful care.