Dr. Queen Dube

Newborn Health Program Lead



Dr. Queen Dube is a consultant paediatrician and clinical epidemiologist. She currently serves as the Newborn Health Program Lead at WHO Headquarters in Switzerland. Previously, Dr. Dube served as Chief of Health Services for Malawi’s Ministry of Health and was the head of the department of Paediatrics and Child Health at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, the largest tertiary hospital in Malawi.

Dr. Dube has worked with the Ministry of Health, Saving Newborn Lives, WHO, Pediatrics and Child Health association of Malawi, and UNICEF to improve the quality of newborn care in district hospitals and to improve the quality of care for the small and sick newborn in Malawi. She took a leading role in the development of the “Every Newborn Action Plan for Malawi”. She has identified challenges in neonatal care, developed and implemented new technical solutions at various Malawian hospitals. She has also worked with Ministries of Health in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, and Ethiopia to improve the quality of care for the newborns and children in the respective countries through development of national strategies and trainings.

Dr. Dube has led several research studies on the small and sick newborn. She formerly served as co-principal investigator on NEST360, a multi-institutional initiative to halve in-patient neonatal mortality in Africa. She is also part of various technical advisory panels for neonatal research trials.