Maternal and Perinatal Death Surveillance and Response Implementation at Country Level

A Critical Element for Improving Quality of Care

The World Health Organization and partners are working together to strengthen implementation of maternal and perinatal death surveillance and response (MPDSR) to improve health services and preempt future maternal and perinatal deaths. This session gave an overview of the latest evidence on MPDSR, discussed the recently published scoping review and conceptual framework, and explored key implementation lessons from the 58 studies in 24 low- and middle-income countries spanning 15 years. The session also looked at the experiences and lessons learned from community-based MPDSR in Bangladesh. During this session, panelists actively sought audience contributions on what the World Health Organization, partners, and policymakers can do to ensure further improvement and implementation of the MPDSR cycle at the country and global levels.

Dr. Allisyn Moran delivered pre-recorded remarks during this session.

Moderator: Dr. Willibald Zeck, Global Maternal and Newborn Health Thematic Fund Coordinator
United Nations Population Fund

Dr. Animesh Biswas
Ms. Mary Kinney

Panelists include:
Ms. Mary Kinney
Researcher and Doctoral Candidate, SOPH
School of Public Health, University of the Western Cape, South Africa

Dr. Animesh Biswas
Technical Officer
United Nations Population Fund


MPDSR Scoping Review
Bangladesh Community Level MPDSR

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