Opening Plenary: Divergent Roads to Progress

Divergent Roads to Progress—A Country by Country Examination of the Challenges Overcome and the Factors That Led to Success

Using country examples from the Exemplars in Global Health: MNH (Bangladesh and Nepal) and the World Health Organization’s Maternal Health Scoping Review (Sierra Leone and Guatemala), panelists highlighted country progress in meeting the needs of mothers and newborns, including discussing and debating success factors and strategies for overcoming challenges. This session provided greater insights into the drivers of success, both in terms of what seems to have contributed and what did not in comparison countries.

Moderator: Mary Kinney, Health Policy and Systems Researcher and Doctoral Candidate at the University of Western Cape’s School of Public Health

Panelists include:
Dr. Shams El Arifeen

Senior Director and Senior Scientist
Maternal and Child Health Division
International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research

Dr. Sartie Kenneh
Acting Chief Officer for Public Health,
Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Sierra Leone

Dr. Sudha Sharma
Co-Director, Ciwec Hospital and Travel Medicine Center

Dr. Karin Slowing
Independent Consultant, PAHO Guatemala


Divergent Paths Plenary

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