Launch of the WHO Essential Childbirth Care Course: A course of the new WHO Interprofessional Midwifery Education Toolkit

  • Apr 27, 2022 @ 8:00am
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Too few midwives and other health professionals are getting the education and training they need to provide quality, respectful care to pregnant women and their newborns as well as to women needing care for sexual and reproductive health, as well perinatal mental health support. A key solution is to invest in the transformation of midwifery education through the first global Interprofessional Midwifery Education Toolkit. The “Toolkit” will bring together in one place education and training materials for maternal, newborn, sexual, reproductive and perinatal mental health for midwives, and other health workers providing elements of midwifery care.

The Essential Childbirth Care Course (ECBC) is focused on the midwifery model of care, which puts women, newborns and their families at the center, ensures continuity of care, and prevents unnecessary interventions, yet ensures lifesaving actions. The ECBC provides innovative, fun, and challenging in-service adult education for the care of healthy women, and their healthy newborns, but is also available as an addition to pre-service education. It supports life-long learning in compassionate midwifery care in all settings, everywhere.

Join the launch to learn about the Essential Childbirth Care Course – find out how it is a leap forward from previous education and training courses, what midwives and others think about it, and how you can access the materials.