Previous Conferences

The AlignMNH conference and virtual engagement series provides an opportunity to convene the global maternal and newborn health (MNH) community and key partners on a predictable, regular basis to recognize country progress toward MNH metrics, creative innovative ways to track progress, share evidence and discuss effective implementation strategies, and fuel global and national action. AlignMNH also curates a list of upcoming partner events in the MNH community. Learn more below.

AlignMNH will host the first biannual international MNH conference in Cape Town, South Africa May 8-11, 2023. Convening stakeholders around the world, this forum will focus on evidence-based solutions for improving MNH.
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This virtual convening will bring together stakeholders to learn more about the goals, objectives, and theme of the IMNHC, as well as have the opportunity to share, review and discuss some of the focus content areas that will be part of the official tracks at the proceedings.
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The Opening Forum marked an important moment for the maternal and newborn health communities to set the stage for the road ahead. This solutions-focused two-day virtual forum focused on elevating solutions for strengthening MNH programming.
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